We are interested in how people connect with their city heritage. We believe innovation and entrepreneurship can positively impact cultural heritage and communities. We started working in Venezuela with Institutional Assets and Monuments of Venezuela, and are currently expanding to the Caribbean, with IAM Dominican Republic and IAM Miami

IAM Venezuela

After three years working on this platform, we have documented important Venezuelan historic assets and offered several workshops on cultural heritage entrepreneurship, in partnership with universities, museums and art galleries. See the website here.

IAM Dominican Republic

We understand the great influence of Santo Domingo in the New World. The grid pattern of its colonial town became the model for almost all towns in the Americas. This is home of the first cathedral, hospital and university in the New World.

IAM Miami

Miami is mostly a young city, built with values of many different cultures. With Institutional Assets and Monuments of Miami, we are now building partnerships and alliances with local organizations to start working on specific challenges of the city.