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We believe communities can find opportunities
to grow by understanding its memory and cultural heritage

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How We Work

We actively engage communities to work for their heritage through entrepreneurship. Our workshops take into account different background and knowledge of participants. We believe in the design-thinking approach where better outcomes for specific problems can be achieved.

Institutional Assets and Monuments partners with museums, universities and art galleries to promote the growth of communities.
How? By taking advantage of cultural heritage to improve communities.
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As part of Arts Connection Foundation, a non profit (501c3), your donations will be tax deductible.

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Researching cultural heritage of communities is one or our main goals. First we need to understand these assets, studying their history, cultural
context, damages and interventions, to defend them. Documentation is important in order to be effective
cultural heritage advocates.

Community Engagement

We are interested in bringing understanding of cultural heritage through community engagement, education and project development. We offer tools for creating ideas. Some of our educational initiatives are seminars on entrepreneurship in cultural heritage and citizen journalism workshops.


It is important to us to spread the word about cultural heritage, its significance and values. To love, you need to learn first. This is why we spread knowledge about heritage assets. We believe cultural heritage should remain alive in the memory of the community, so its members can defend it.